I will show the way to force quit the applications on Mac OS X in five different ways.

The first way: Hold the Shift key and click on the Apple menu to find the Force quit with the application may then simply click to close the app immediately.

The second method: Hold down Command + Option + Shift + Escape first second or two into the to force quit forcibly closes. This is the quickest way to force quit the foreground that in Mac OS X.

The third way: Press Command + option + escape to bring up the simple foursquare applications window and click to select the app or apps followed by clicking the force quit it immediately.

The fourth method: Hold down option right-click on an apps icon in the dock to bring up the foursquare option selecting this will kill them without any confirmation.

The five method: Open up Spotlight and search for activity monitor then once it opens select the process name or ID you wish to queue and hit the red quit process but unresponsive apps usually.

That's all.

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