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How to Always Show (or Hide) the Chrome Bookmarks Bar

On May, 2015. Posted in Google Chrome, The Internet

If you open a Webpage in Google Chrome, you don’t see your Bookmarks bar in your browser. Some persons, including myself don’t know why and how to make bookmarks to always be displayed.

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How to always show bookmarks bar in Chrome browser


This can be achieved via Chrome’s Settings. This guide show you how it’s done.

First, you need to open your Chrome browser.

Then, go to the Chrome menu icon (click on Three horizontal lines icon) >> Click on Settings.

show hide bookmarks bar

Next, Scroll down to Appearance area which has an option Always show the bookmarks bar.

show hide bookmarks bar

Finally, you just check in this box to your Bookmarks bar is always shown.

Show or hide the bookmarks bar at any time

To switch the bookmarks bar on or off, follow step-by-step below:

Click the Chrome Menu. Click Bookmarks >> Then click Show Bookmarks bar.

show hide bookmarks bar

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts as Ctrl + Shift + B (Windows) and Command + Shift + B (Mac OS X).