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How to create bootable usb flash drive install windows 7, 8.1

On December, 2014. Posted in Windows

When using Operation System Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, your computer may be "sluggish" and "Slow" after a long time using. Therefore, reinstalling Windows is very essential. The following tricks will help you know how to create a USB install Windows effectively. Create a bootable USB to install windows is very necessary, specifically if you are a Netbook customer. Using bootable USB to set up an operating system Windows (OS) not only makes the installation quickly, but also saves a new DVD emtry.

  1. A Windows 7 ISO Image.
  2. A 4 GB (or larger) flash drive.
  3. Using Operation System Windows in your PC or Laptop.

There will be perform two ways:


Make Windows 7, Windows 8,1 Bootable USB with Rufus

 create a usb bootable windows

 First, you need to prepare the following tools to perform include:

1. Download Windows 7 Full ISO Image via above link.

2. Rufus Tools: You can download this software via the link below

Then you can follow step by step instructions:

Step 1: Plug in your USB flash drive into your PC or Laptop. And run Rufus Tools.

This is protable software so you don't need to install it, just double click mouse and select yes or no for update search new version.

Step 2: Choose your device USB Volume Label

Step 3: From Windows Rufus Setting, You choose format is NTFS at File System.

Step 4: Choose the drive image icon to select the windows or ubuntu .iso file

create a usb bootable windows

Step 5: Check the boxs:

  • Quick format
  • Create extended label and icon files
  • Create a bootable disk using 

Step 6: Now choose Start button to Create a bootable window 7 USB Flash Drive With Rufus

create a usb bootable windows 3

A Warring Windows Appear. You Choose OK to destroyed all data on your Device.

When finished, choose Close button to exit Rufus Tools

create a usb bootable windows

Using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool to make USB Install Windows 7, 8.1

First, you need download Windows USB/DVD Download Tools from Microsoft via link here.

This free software from Microsoft, which works perfect in Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Windows XP, will correctly format the USB drive and proceed to copy the all file of your Windows 7 ISO to the USB Flash Drive.

Then, Installing this software on your Windows.

create a usb bootable windows

Icons Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tools apear desktop. Run it.

create a usb bootable windows

The first step, you choose the ISO file you need to be bootable from your computer by Browse button

create a usb bootable windows

Choose USB device to create USB Boot to Install Windows.

create a usb bootable windows

Choose Begin copying Button

create a usb bootable windows

Choose Erase USB Device if you're prompted to do so on a Not Enough Free Space window. Then click Yes to the confirmation in the next window.

create a usb bootable windows 10

When finished, the green bar will be filled at 100% and you can either click the "X" to close Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool program screen or choose "Start Over" to create a new bootable USB drive or DVD.

create a usb bootable windows

And now, the USB drive can be used to install Windows 7.

Good Luck!