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How to create a zip file? Zip or unzip file on Win, Mac, Linux

On July, 2015. Posted in How to, Mac OS X

Zipping files allow you to save tough hard drive space, send out files more quickly over the website (Forum, Blog, Google Drive, Ondrive, etc), and to connect particular file types (such as.exe) to e-mails. In Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 or Mac OS X, Linux you are able to either choose each file and send them to a compressed directory or make a compressed directory and drag files to it. When you zip a file, you will save that files compressed into one smaller zip file.

The ZIP file format is an established format for compressed files, allowing files or folders when archiving in the storage size on the one hand and on the other hand serves as a container file. Is the file extension for zip archived files. zip. The foundation stone for today is ZIP format was laid in 1989.

how to create zip a file

How to create Zip or unzip the file on Mac OS X

To create a ZIP or to upzip file on Mac OS X, you need no additional 3rd software. The Operating System of Macbook is Mac OS X already has a corresponding function, allowing you to ZIP compression of files from the Menu.

Step 1: To compress one or more files as a ZIP, let select them.
Step 2: Then opens the context menu with a Right Click.

zip a file

Step 3: Choose the option “Compress + {Name Folder or Files}".
Now, a ZIP file is created and placed in the same directory as the files.

zip a file

Would you like a ZIP file unzip it on OS X, so makes it easy. Just double click on the ZIP archive or Right-Click >> Click Open to Unzip a File. Then, Mac OS X will automatically unzip and pushes the contents of the files into the same directory.

How to create Zip or unzip the file on Ubuntu

zip a file

To create .zip a files in Ubuntu Linux device

Let go to the folder contain a file or folder which you need to make .zip. Use the command:

cd {/path of folder}


cd /Desktop

Then, use the the command line to zip a file. Let type:

zip -r archive1 or zip -r archive1 directory-name

This will create archive named "archive1.zip" and add archive1.zip directory to it, including all subdirectories.

For example, to create an archive of directory /home/zip issue the following command:

zip -r ./folderToBeZipped /home/zip

This will create folderToBeZipped.zip file in the current directory and add the contents of folder /home/zip including all subdirectories to this archive.

To Unzip a file, use this command below

unzip archive1.zip

Then Enter. The file will be extract in the current directory.