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How to download the latest Firefox offline installer 2015

On May, 2015. Posted in Mozilla Firefox, The Internet

Mozilla Firefox is a freeware, open source and fastest website browser by the Mozilla Foundation. It supported for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In July 2013, Firefox became the third most popular website browser. According to Mozilla, Firefox browser counts more than 450 million users around the word.

At this time, Mozilla provides Firefox with a online installer. It’s called stub installer. This means that the primary download is about 350KB but when you run this file, it is going to start downloading and installing the latest version of Firefox by get data from Firefox's server.

download firefox offline

The problem with online installer is normally that it can’t be install Firefox on your PC or Laptop in which there is no Internet connection. But if you need to install Mozilla Firefox via an offline installer file. There are two solutions to download the latest Firefox offline installer 2015. One is using the Mozilla’s website, second is using Mozilla FTP server to download Firefox latest offline installer.

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How to download Firefox Offline Installer with FTP

You can download Firefox by FTP via link below


At interface the official FTP location of Firefox, you need to access the Releases directory to get it.

To find latest Firefox Offline Installer version, let scroll to the end of the list and go to directory which version number does not have a letter “b” in its name. You can see image below.

download firefox offline

After that, to download Firefox for Windows, you can access win32 directory and download Firefox Offline Installer version in the suitable language. Furthermore, you can get Firefox Offline Installer for Linux or Mac OS X from suitable directory.

download firefox offline

How to download Firefox Offline Installer using Mozilla’s homepage.

The first, let access the website via link below:


Then, click on the Download button with suitable OS which you are using.

download firefox offline

Finally, you can install Mozilla Firefox browser for your device.