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How to Fix Error When the Laptop Not Booting

On August, 2016. Posted in How To

Today's laptop is no longer so familiar to modern man. Nearly half the people in the world are in possession of a laptop or other similar equipment. But how to understand end uses as well as way of processing when encountering small laptop then many people yet to be fully updated. (You make a few accessories for your laptop as the best backpack for college student to protect the machine during the collision case). If your laptop does not boot, don't worry. Try some simple processing steps before looking to the laptop repair center. Hope the following can somewhat help you fix it.

First Check the Power Supply

- This is the most common case when the laptop doesn't boot, the cause could be a broken laptop charger, laptop resource use incorrect charging of it, lose your home or plug pins the problem on mobile ... first check the power source in your home. Try plugging another electrical device into the socket, or plug the charger into a socket in the home.

- Next check charge that you are taking your laptop's charger standard or not. There are several types of charger can fit different laptop types, but if its inappropriate voltage or not enough can also cause the phenomenon. In addition can also charge the battery is damaged when you move too many places. Please observe thoroughly the entire cord charger, if the wires exposed and to expose the wires the laptop has come out of you need a new charger.



Check the Laptop Screen

- If after booting, you still hear the sound coming from your hard drive or the fan heatsink without seeing the screen brightness, you move the laptop into a dark room and see if the screen has a current photo or not. Can we think of the laptop does not boot up, when in fact the problem is the screen problem.

- If you still see the image on the screen, the more likely a high pressure of the screen has broken. High voltage in a laptop has the duty to do the direct current of the battery or the charger into alternating current for the screen. Replace the high voltage is not too complicated if you have available a screw, but the important thing is you have to buy the right kind of high voltage line with laptop and its price is relatively expensive.

- One other case is the laptop still boot but no image appears on the screen, so can the LCD error. As well as high voltage, you can replace it, however if your laptop was using for long years, you should think of buying a replacement, because the cost of buying a new screen can be equal to the value when sold this laptop.



Unplug the USB STICK Or the Memory Card Out of the Laptop

- If checked 2 object on which still have not solved the problem, most likely the Windows startup process is interrupted because a USB or memory card is still in the air and the laptop still boot from these devices. In that case, you just need to unplug the USB or memory card and restart the computer.

- Laptop not boot can be because the virus penetrated the system components. There are 2 ways can handle this issue: reset the machine or fix by a rescue disk such as Hiren's Boot CD, WinBuilder, Bart's PE Builder ... As if the first way will lose all of the software and the old Setup on the laptop, then the second way can bring about steady state system after virus scan in DOS environment and restore the system components being destructive viruses.



If the Cause In Hardware

- A stick of RAM is not compatible can also cause laptop does not boot. If this is the RAM you bought to replace the old stick, please remove the old RAM stick out and check it on the previous position. If the problem was overcome, then congratulations to you, but surely you have to buy an optional else if still intended to upgrade it.

- Before bringing a laptop to the rescue services of external data, you can try the method of those in the profession to another: put the hardware into the stone compartment within a few hours, then take out the mount again and restart the computer. If it works, you should not return happy to have repair completely, it can only be temporary and resuscitation keep corrupted at times launch later, so let's turn the whole necessary data to a safe place and prepare to buy a new hard drive, for sure you will need to use it.