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How to fix IDM while bar download not showing on youtube videos

On December, 2014. Posted in Google Chrome, How To

When you open any type of video on YouTube or any other video streaming website, IDM automatically suggests you a button bar, "Download this video" to download the running video on the computer or laptop. This is a great solution as you can complete two tasks with a singular software download manager and audio, video downloads.

But sometimes, IDM fails to show the "Download this video" option on the playing video files and this can be quite annoying for many users as they only rely on IDM and have used it for a long time. It can become very frustrating when IDM stops showing the downloading option on YouTube videos because then you need to download some other video downloads from the internet specially to download that video file.

I read on many online forums and web sites that lots of users face this issue with IDM when they want to get a video from the internet. But I have a method for this, actually its solution is available with IDM as well. You need to reconfigure some custom in IDM to enable the "Download this video" feature on web browsers.

idm not showing bar download

If IDM is not showing download button on to the video file on the computer or laptop using Windows, you should try these fixes:

How to fix IDM not showing Download This Video button

1. Enable advanced browser integration

In the main interface of IDM, choose Options >> General.

Then, you need check the box Use advanced browser integration and check all the box broswers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera,...) in Capture downloads from the followings browsers as this image.

idm not showing bar download

Choose OK Button to save this change.

2. Enable IDM Integration Module in Chrome or Firefox

In Google Chrome Browser

First, you open Google Chrome browser, type or copy the following into your browser:


Then, you check IDM Integration Module is turned on or not. If not, you just Check the box Enable. When you're done.

idm not showing bar download

Note: On the Chrome Browsers, if you do not see on the IDM Module Chrome at chrome://extensions/ .You can perform the following:

Step 1: Go to the folder: C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (Windows 32bit) or C:\Program Files(x86)\Internet Download Manager (Windows 64bit).

Step 2: Find and Drag the file IDMGCExt.crx into "Extensions" page opened in your Chrome. Then, you will see the IDM Integration Module and turn it up.

idm not showing bar download

In Mozilla Firefox Browser

First, you need to download an extension for Firefox IDM idmmzcc.xpi with link here.

Once downloaded, open Firefox browser, drag and drop File idmmzcc.xpi into any place on Firefox.

idm not showing bar download

The interface requirements to install the gadgets, choose Install Now. The installation process is quick and a message asking you to restart the browser. You choose Restart Now. Done


Good Luck!

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