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How to Increase The Maximum Volume In Windows 7 or 8.1

On May, 2015. Posted in Windows, How To

If you are having a hard time to listen to the audio in Windows. To this articles is how you can make sure all your volume levels are set to highest, as well as how you can allow loudness to increase the maximum volume to make your speakers or headphones louder or you are looking for a software that helps you to turn the volume up higher than the Windows default maximum.

How to Increase The Maximum Volume

Using Speakers Properties

This solution will boost the highest volume of the general system. In Windows, the loudness equalization option supported via most sound cards that needs to be tweaked if you want to make audio louder. You can follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Click the Volume icon in your system tray

increase maximum volume

Step 2: Click the Speaker or Headphones icon on the Sound interface

Step 3: Choose Enhacements tab from the opened windows.

Step 4: Stick Loudness Equalization from this window and after that click OK.

This may be help you increase the overall system sound effect to be louder. But for some reason, your sound card does not support, then you need to go with the other solution in content below.

Using VLC Media Player

You are able to increase the maximum volume level via VLC Media Player program is now fixed at 125% by default.

increase maximum volume

But if you want to get more, see this guide below:

I have detected that you can increase the volume over 125% on VLC Media Player. Try on the followings:

First, Open VLC Media Player from your PC or Laptop.

Go to Tools >> Preference

Select Advanced Settings and choose All in the left-bottom of the interface.

increase maximum volume

Then, in there Search box. Type in Maximum Volume >> Select Qt

Scroll down to Maximum Volume displayed. Now, you are able to increase the level to maximum 300% of VLC Media Player.

increase maximum volume

Finally, Click Save buttom.

Using DFX Audio Enhancer Plugin

There are many 3rd party programs for this, but here I would like to show you about DFX Audio Enhancer. I have used this program with great contentment for a few years whenever I am taking a trip and using my laptop a lot. Audio levels are boosted dramatically, and also without reducing the quality of the sound so much.

increase maximum volume

It is simple to try, just download and install DFX in your PC or Laptop. You can see homepage via this link.