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How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, IE

On May, 2015. Posted in The Internet

Currently, we provided you how to quickly open tabs from your recent browsing session when you use one of the five most popular web browsers. Nevertheless, what if you unknowingly close a tab or two or more while surfing and you want to reopen it on your browsers?

We will show you how to quickly launch the last closed tabs in these five web browsers.

How? You will certainly find exactly how in this post. The browsers we will take up are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

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How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Web Browsers

Google Chrome

To reopen the most recently closed tabs in Google Chrome browser, you can only press the keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl + Shift + T ) and use this keyboard shortcut to reopen previously closed Tabs in the order they were closed.

 reopen closed tabs

You can reopen recently closed tab by using Menu Chrome. See the picture below

reopen closed tabs  

Besides, you can save and reopen full tab sessions by use the SessionManager extension or Session Buddy extension.

Mozilla Firefox

With Mozilla Firefox, you can reopen the last losed tabs by click on History button at the Menu. And choose Recently Closed Tabs via the drop down menu. You can reopen Singular Tabs or Restore All Tabs.

reopen closed tabs

If you want to find the fastest way, you can use hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + T. It is similar to Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer

There are simply 2 ways to reopen recently tabs in Internet Explorer. 

  • 1. You can click-right on any of the active tabs and choose Reopen recently tabs from the context menu.
  • reopen closed tabs
  • 2. If you unknowingly closed your IE browser, you can reopen last browsing session via the command bar. Whenever you to resume your last browsing session, let click on Tools >> Reopen last browsing session.

reopen closed tabs

Note: If Command bar don’t appear in your browser, you can enable it by Right-click on a blank area near the Tab Strip and Click on the Command bar to activate it.

reopen closed tabs