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How to set or make any browser the Default Web Browser

On May, 2015. Posted in The Internet

At anytime a Web Internet Browser is needed in Windows OS, the default option is normally opened. Example, when you clicking on a link in an Email, link in Excel, Word,... Internet Explorer will be open to the suitable URL. You can choice and set another browser (suck as: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, so on) to be your defaut browser if you want. And this tutorial below reveals you how to with a few steps.

How to Set any browser the Default Web Browser

With Google Chrome

First, launch your Google Chrome browser in Windows. Then, Click Chrome’s major menu button (icon with three horizontal lines). When the Menu show up, you need to choose Settings.

At the interface Chrome’s Settings, scroll down to locate the Default Browser, click on the Make Google Chrome my default browser.

set browser default 0

Now, you will get the following message: The default browser is currently Google Chrome.

With Mozilla Firefox

First, open your Mozilla Firefox browser. Then, Click Tools >> Options >> Advanced. Here, you will see the box to select Firefox make the default browser of the Windows. 

set browser default

You need to click Check Now button, a popup will appears and ask you: Would you like to make it your default browser? Choose Yes.

set browser default

With Internet Explorer

First, open your IE browser, choose Tools >> Internet Options >> Programs >> Make Default.

set browser default