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The Best Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome Browser

On March, 2015. Posted in Google Chrome, The Internet

Keyboard shortcuts allow you easy access regularly used features with a keystroke, and with your hands never leaving the computer keyboard to control the mouse on your PC or Laptop, saving more time and increasing efficiency for your job.

A lot of programs have scores or hundreds of shortcuts, but who certainly can remember them all? Instead of an important list, We have chosen 25 shortcuts to more typically used functions and features in Google Chrome.

25 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

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Ctrl + T: Opens a new Tabs or more Tab

Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4: Closes the current Tab or Pop-Up window.

Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab which you have closed. You can reopen the last 10 Tabs. 

Ctrl + N: Opens a new Chrome browser window.

Alt+F4: Close the current window. (Works in all program is using).


Press Space or Page Down: Scroll down the Web Page

Press Shift + Space or Page Up: Scroll up  the Web Page

Press Home: Goes to the top of the Web Page

Press End: Goes to the bottom of the Web Page

Press Middle Mouse – Scroll with the mouse. (Windows only)

History & Bookmarks

Press Ctrl + H: Go to open the Browsing History

Press Ctrl + J: Go to open the Download History

Press Ctrl + D: Create Bookmark the current Web Page

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del: Go to the Clear Browsing History window


Press Ctrl + (+) or Ctrl + Scroll your mouse wheel up: Zoom in

Press Ctrl + (-) or Ctrl + Scroll your mouse wheel down : Zoom out

Press Ctrl + 0: Go to the default zoom.

Press F11: Go to Full-Screen or Press F11 again to exit full-screen.


Press Alt + Left Arrow or Press Backspace: Go back the previous history page in your Browser

Press Alt + Right Arrow or Press Shift + Backspace: Go the next history page in your Browser

Press F5: Go to Reload current Web Page

Press Esc: Stop

Press Alt + Home: Go to Open the Homepage


Press Ctrt + P: Go to Print the current Web Page

Press Ctrl + S: Save the current Web Page to your PC or Laptop