How to activate the Windows 10 clipboard manager

The clipboard is “that” that stores in memory what you copy and then paste either text or files. It is a feature as old as useful, which is possible to extend through dedicated applications that not only store the last thing you copied but the historical one, offering you the opportunity to recover what you thought was lost or speed up your work in front of the computer.

There are many clipboard managers for Windows, but contrary to what happens for example in Linux, where there are desktops that include them by default and even native, in Windows you have to install them separately. Or they had to be installed separately, since the appearance of Windows 10 October Update this functionality was implemented in the system, although it is somewhat precarious and, in fact, is disabled by default.

In any case, the Windows 10 clipboard manager fulfils its function if you know how to activate it and access it, and that is what we are going to see now. Nor is it that the thing has a lot of mystery, but the saying goes, eyes that do not see a heart that does not feel, so if you did not know it, you will not have missed it. And vice versa: when you meet him and use him, he cannot live without him.

Activating the Windows 10 clipboard is as simple as opening the application menu and writing «clipboard». It has no loss and the first result will take you directly to the « Clipboard Settings «. You activate it and… you already have a clipboard history. If you also use your Microsoft account, you will have the clipboard entries synchronized between devices, the real novelty.

And how do you access the clipboard? At this point, the precarious issue appears, and it would be normal to find an indicator in the system tray. But there isn’t. Therefore, if for copies you use the key combination “Ctrl + C” and to paste “Ctrl + V”, to display the clipboard manager you must use ” Windows + V “.

That’s it. Remember that history does not include files, only text and images. If you want more functionality, look for a dedicated application that offers you more options.

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