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How to download music from Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms for years, not only because of the large number of songs that we can find of all kinds of genres and artists but also because it offers certain very interesting functions. Among all of them is to download music to listen later. Next, we will show how to download music from Spotify.

Since Spotify is a streaming music platform, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to play our favourite music. This implies that if we go on a trip, go on the subway or have spent our mobile data rate, we will not be able to listen to music through Spotify, of course, unless we have previously downloaded it.

However, in order to enjoy the music download function in the service, it is necessary to have Spotify Premium, which despite being paid, has a fairly affordable price. Being a Premium user, downloading music from Spotify is quite simplified.

Important before you start downloading music from Spotify

To start downloading music from Spotify from your mobile, in addition to being subscribed to the premium plan, the first thing we have to do is install the app on our device. Once that is done, we identify with our Spotify account and then we will proceed to make certain adjustments within the app before starting the downloads. The first one will be to indicate where we want the songs that we download to be saved.

To do this, we open the app, tap on the gear icon shown in the upper right of the Spotify screen to enter the app settings and then look for the Storage option. From there, we can indicate where we want to download the music from Spotify since in the case that we have a memory card, we can choose this option and thus we will not be occupying the internal space of our mobile.

Download music from spotify

Another important fact to configure before starting with the download of songs, is to choose the quality with which we are going to download the music from Spotify. To do this, within the configuration settings, we look for the Music quality option. When touching on this option, we will see that Spotify offers us the possibility to download the music in Normal, High or Very high quality, so all we have to do is select the option that interests us. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that the higher the quality of the music, the more space we will occupy in our memory card or internal storage of the mobile.

Along with the place where we are going to download the music from Spotify and the quality of it, another important adjustment is how we are going to make the downloads , if we are going to use the data of our mobile rate or we only want to make the downloads when we connect to a WiFi For this, it is important that we review the setting that allows us to download songs via mobile network . If this option is activated, when we are ready to download, it will be done consuming our rate data even if we are connected to a WiFi. Therefore, it should be well configured to avoid scares.

Steps to follow to download music from Spotify on mobile and PC

With all this set to our liking, all we have left is to start downloading our favourite playlists or songs. To do this, from the Spotify mobile app, the first thing we have to do is go to the playlist, album or theme that we want to save and click on the Download option. Automatically, Spotify will start downloading that song, album or playlist in the previously configured memory space and with the indicated quality.

In the case that we use the desktop version of Spotify, the procedure when downloading music is very similar to the one we just detailed when we do it from the mobile. Simply, we must review the configuration options depending on the device we use and finally, we go to the playlist, album or theme that we want to download and click on that option.

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