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How to make Thumbnails for YouTube

Are you also an iPhone and Android user? Then you do not need anything else to make spectacular thumbnails for YouTube and without having to complicate your life or use programs such as Photoshop.

I will teach you how to make thumbnails that get the clickbait and explain the psychological strategies that we can apply to ensure that people cannot resist and enter our videos.

Let’s go there!

This strategy is called INSTACLICK and I am going to show you step by step how it works so that you learn to create your own miniatures in record time, simply using Instagram and your mobile.

How to quickly create a thumbnail for YouTube

In the previous lesson of our YouTube Course, we saw how to use the titles for people to discover our videos. Now I will explain how to create thumbnails that incite the click.

A YouTube thumbnail must get three things to be effective:

  1. Call attention. On YouTube there are millions of videos, so we must highlight. And we get that with the miniature, with the colours, the contrasts, the emotions, etc.
  2. Redirect attention. Once we have drawn attention, we must get people to read what interests us.
  3. Let people click.

And we will achieve this with the INSTACLICK strategy. Because we are going to get the click instantly and because it works with Instagram.

All you really need to apply this strategy is a mobile and Instagram application.

We will use Instagram Stories because it happens that a photo taken with IG Stories is the same size as a YouTube thumbnail. And, of course, let’s take advantage of this.


How to make a miniature that attracts attention

The first thing you have to get a miniature is to get attention. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to resort to pattern-breaking (as we saw in the previous lesson ).

This means that we must create a miniature that is different from the others that are already positioned for what we want to position ourselves.

For example, if I want to position my video for “how to make thumbnails for YouTube”, the first thing I will do is a YouTube search.

We see that the miniatures of the first positions have a lot of colour. So one way to break the pattern would be to make a miniature with the white background.

First, we take the photo with our cell phone and using IG Stories with a white background.

The photo is of my face in the foreground, because those kinds of photos, with gestures of expression, attract attention. Our brain works like this.

The position of the finger, pointing, serves to redirect attention, which is what we want the miniature to get once it has managed to stand out and attract attention.

Next, we edit the photo. Without Photoshop or anything, huh? With the same Instagram on mobile.

We will use some filter, play with contrasts, add colour, a frame, emojis, etc.

We will also add text to the thumbnail. I like to put a background to the letters so that they contrast more because I have found that this helps increase the CTR.

To break the pattern further we can use different coloured backgrounds for the words and put some inclined word. The capital letters also help us break the pattern and get attention.

It is done! We have already created a miniature that attracts attention for YouTube and it only took us 5 minutes!

We have a miniature that stands out for several elements :

it has a foreground face (mine) with an expression
a finger that redirects attention to the text we have incorporated in the photo
a wide red frame that contrasts with the white background
a text that combines words in black background and in green background
an emoji and a symbol, in this case, a question mark
Once you have edited the image, do not forget to press the SAVE button!

Ready! We have created our miniature only with our mobile and Instagram. You do not need anything else, because if you are creative with this application you can do many viguerías.

No need to complicate your life, without Photoshop or anything at all! And super fast!

It is done! You already know how to create thumbnails for YouTube that attract attention and get the click.

Doubts, comments? I wait for you down here!

See you in the next lesson of our YouTube Course!

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