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How to remove browser hijackers in 4 steps

It is increasingly common to find spy plug-ins or some “hijacker” of browsers that appear without permission in the main Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) when we download a free program.

When you enter this type of elements in our browser, it completely changes the configuration we had and sets a default homepage and search engine that are associated with the spyware.

All these types of elements are considered as an application. unwanted and can show you on any page advertising elements (which have nothing to do with the page) presented by the spy search engine itself, for example, third-party products.

In addition to this, on the Internet, you can find cases of problems of privacy and identity theft caused by the applications to which we refer.

Our technicians have informed us that it is not a virus or malware. It is simply an advertising program that modifies the configuration of our browsers and it is highly recommended to remove it correctly.

Steps to follow to uninstall this application

  1. Uninstall the application from the Control Panel of our computer The first step is to uninstall any element related to the complement in our computer. In Windows, we can access Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a program to remove it.
  2. Next, you need to locate the add-in in the list of programs. We simply have to look for it by name, which we can check when we enter any affected browser. Even if this spy plug-in involves the installation of other add-ons or programs, all of them can also be removed from this section.
  3. Prevent spyware from appearing on Google Chome First of all, click on the Chrome menu icon, the one in the upper right corner.
  4. Next, select the option Tools> Extensions . Inside here, you have to search for any browser add-on (unwanted) and delete it by pressing the trash icon.
  5. Also in the Configuration section, just below Extensions, we can delete the default search engine and other elements that have modified the spy.
  6. Prevent spyware from appearing in Internet Explorer The first step in Explorer is to click on the Tools icon, which is also in the upper right and access Manage Add-ons.
  7. In this section, we have to locate any element related to the spy and eliminate it, both in the Toolbar and Extensions as in Search Providers that appears in the following image. Remove the search engine and mark a trusted one by default, are the steps to follow.
  8. Finally, we have to change the default Home page. To modify it, we have to access the section Settings> Internet Options.
  9. Prevent spyware from appearing in Mozilla Firefox In the case of Firefox, the process is very similar to Google Chrome. The first step is to locate the striped icon that appears in the upper right and enter the Extensions section in order to eliminate the spy in question.

With these indications, deleting any element related to the spy element will get rid of this annoying complement. Remember that you always have to remove it from our computer, in the Control Panel, and then in each of the browsers.

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