Matebook 15, Huawei increases the size of its laptops

Huawei is holding a new Matebook 15 laptop and is special because it will be the first 15-inch of the Chinese firm.

Huawei can continue in the middle of Trump’s trade war and yesterday we met a new 90-day extension in which US companies can continue doing business with the Asian multinational, but it does not stop developing products. If a couple of days ago we saw the launch of the shocking Mate 30 Pro, now we get a Matebook 15 from Evan Blass.

And it seems that the trend changes. After focusing on weight loss and lightness, we have seen how some manufacturers, Apple with the MacBook 16 or Microsoft with the Surface Laptop 15, are committed to increasing the screen sizes of some of their series to increase productivity.

Matebook 15 will be Huawei’s largest laptop. With internal hardware based on the latest Intel processors, it has a screen larger than 15 inches, with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and an 84% screen-to-chassis ratio.

It includes three USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port probably enabled for Thunderbolt 3 and also used for charging. Little else do we know except the combined fingerprint reader and the power button that we see in the images and that Huawei uses in other laptops.

According to the information, the new 15-inch model would not be Huawei’s only new laptop and the firm would have a MateBook 14 underway as a renewal of the version it has on the market and with similar features and design.

Matebook 15

It is not known when the new laptops will reach the market, but Huawei traditionally announces its Notebooks in the first quarter of each year. What is still unknown is how the company will handle problems with the United States government, which prevents it from licensing operating systems such as Windows.

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